Through the use of video and photography, the I'm Not Racist program demonstrates an impressive collection of a cross-section of humanity sharing their experiences regarding race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and other aspects of cultural identity. These stories allow all of us to find commonalities that we share, to find beauty in our differences, and to find hope in knowing that there are so many of us that choose love over hate and that “I'm not racist” means “love all.”
Welcome to I'm Not Racist, a program of the Evolve Us Foundation

I'm Not Racist is a media campaign dedicated to ending the discrimination and division of people along the lines of race and/or any other cultural identity. Through the use of video and photography, an impressive collection of a cross-section of humanity has been captured sharing stories, thoughts, and goals regarding race, ethnicity, and nationality.

As a professional photographer, Evolve Us Founder Peter Erasme has taken the opportunity to talk about these issues with countless men and women over the years. This collection demonstrates that virtually any combination of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, income level, and more can embrace love and fairness and proudly proclaim “I'm not racist.”

Through the “I'm Not Racist” campaign, people from all walks of life are able to declare their commitment to freeing themselves from the bonds of racial oppression and allowing others to do the same. People are encouraged to make active decisions to pursue an open mind and open heart for those they come across in their lives, regardless of superficial differences. Moreover, cultural diversity strengthens communities when it is fostered and embraced; individuals and families who have contributed to this project have found that their lives are enhanced by remaining open to appreciating people for who they are in their diverse nature rather than limiting themselves.

It is our hope and belief that through these videos and photographs, viewers will be challenged and motivated to overcome any racist or discriminatory beliefs they may have, called to examine the way their own experiences and upbringing have influenced their beliefs about these issues, and to be bolstered and supported by knowing that there are many others of all walks of life who are committed to a prejudice-free heart and mind.

At this time, our first video is available above and we encourage viewers to watch and share it via email and social media. Please follow us on social media as well to find out when we release new videos and about our upcoming gallery awareness event where we will unveil the first ever photographic collection of I'm Not Racist images. We also invite you to share your story – on Facebook, Twitter, or through our website, tell us about how race and/or other identity issues have impacted your life (positive or negative – whatever you want to share!) and just tag it #ImNotRacist2015 and become part of the movement.

You can also get more involved with the I'm Not Racist campaign or its parent organization, the Evolve Us Foundation through volunteering! Contact us today to find out how.